What Are Dating Blogs and the 5 Best

Dating blogs are sites that focus on dating, relationships, marriage, sex and everything connected to dating. At dating blogs you will find many valuable dating tips and advice written by people that have had good and bad experiences in the past. From dating blogs you can learn many valuable things regarding dating so you can avoid making same mistakes as other people and learning which dating apps to use. An example of a good dating app post is this review of Adult Friend Finder.  Today you will find thousands of dating blogs online, but we have chosen the following ones as the five best for you to visit.

Never Settle

            This dating blog is written by a woman that has gone through a very toxic relationship. She writes about different matters that bother her, shares her personal views about modern dating and gives advice on how you can avoid the mistakes that she had done. Last year this blog was awarded a prize as one of the best dating blogs in the world and is regularly nominated for prizes every year. At this blog you can learn plenty of stuff regarding love life, dating and important matters for both men and women. Controversial dating topics are also well covered such as the reviews of fuckbook, so check this blog out and see what is it all about.

Alice In Wonderlust

            This is a blog about relationships and love, dating tips and helpful advice regarding dating game. One Alice In Wonderlust, you will find many interesting posts written from a funny perspective, but there are also many reviews of dating apps, books and dating events. At this blog people can discuss and share information about their love lives and share their tips. Besides valuable information about dating, at this blog there are some other topics covered as well, so make sure you check it out.

Dater Analysis

            If you want to learn more about dating, sex, relationships and sexual health, then this blog is a must. Here you will find many quality blog posts about sexual health, which you cannot find at other sites. Written from personal perspective, this blog gives a great insight into psychological aspects of sex and dating. You can also read about some funny stuff that had happened to the blog owner and get better understanding of many relationship issues and dating dilemmas.

The Girlfriend Experience

            This started as anonymous blog, but became very popular in recent years. Many dating topics are covered and you will find a fair share of romance blog posts as well. You can read about dating successes, failures and problems that arise from dating. You can interact with likeminded people at this blog, and a good thing to know is that you are not alone facing relationship and dating problems. Here you can read some fabulous stories about great dates, amazing nights, texting romances, dating horror stories and other interesting things.

Belle Of Balls

            Everything regarding modern dating and relationships can be found at this blog. Honest blog posts, straight to the point advice and short tips are some things that make this dating blog unique and popular. The main goal of this blog is to help people understand that they are not facing dating problems alone. You can learn how to change specific things, where to focus most, and what to do to become better in the modern dating game.