The Best Music Blogs

Music blogs are sites where you can learn more about different styles of music, check out nearby music events, read personal stories of musicians and get informed about different things from the world of music. No matter whether you are a musician or just an enthusiast, online you can find plenty of great music blogs for your entertainment. In the sea of music blogs we have chosen the following five as the best music blogs to check out.


            This is probably the most popular music blog that you can find online. It is filled with all kinds of information from the world of music and you will spend countless hours researching different stuff. This blog is regularly updated with fresh daily content. You can read about music record labels, indie musicians, music gigs, check out latest news and read interesting blogs about music business. The blog posts are very easy to read, they contain valuable and interesting information, so you will definitely enjoy reading them. There is also a section for tips, advice and comments where you can interact with other visitors. Visit Hypebot.   


            This is another highly popular music blog where you will find a ton of information. It is updated daily with fresh music reviews, videos, events and features. There are all kinds of information about latest developments in the music industry and you will also find blog posts with music advice for newcomers in the music world. If you want to know what is happening in the world of music and check out latest happenings – Pitchfork is definitely a blog to visit.

The Music Entrepreneur

            If you want to know more about how you can make it in the music industry, how to build a career and become successful – The Music Entrepreneur is the blog to visit. This site contains valuable advice for music novices so you can learn plenty of helpful things. Here you will find articles and blog posts from musicians, music industry professionals, music producers, record label owners and other figures from the music world. Plenty of topics are covered, ranging from music events and promotions to playing techniques and music styles.

Brooklyn Vegan

            Brooklyn Vegan has been online for almost two decades now, so this is a reputable blog focused on the music scene in New York City. However, there are plenty of blog posts that focus on international music, reviews of music shows, latest music gossip, music advice, live streams, and much more.

This Song Is Sick

            This is highly popular blog to visit if you are searching for brand new music made by independent artists. Here you can find interesting posts about record labels and musicians from all over the world. Slick design, helpful information, plenty of tips and strong community is what make this blog attractive. You will be surprised with the new music you will find here so check the blog and enjoy the content. Visit This Song Is Sick.